“His Advice for Her; Her Advice for Him”



A new and different take on Online Dating advice from author’s Laura-Jane Wareing and Lindsay A Gordon.

10 years in the making, we show you that online dating is the new normal and teach you to take full advantage of a better way to date.

The authors met via online dating (see pic above) and sparks did not fly. Instead, they became friends and co-authors. Over the 10 years while they have been compiling “His Advice for Her, Her Advice for Him” Laura-Jane has gone on to meet the love of her life, online, and start a family. She is the success story! Meanwhile, Lindsay just writes books. Sad.

About the authors:

Lindsay A Gordon: https://lindsaygordonauthor.wordpress.com/about/

Laura-Jane Wareing:


Laura-Jane Wareing (LJ) is an English mum of two young children living in the leafy suburbs of West London. She sits on the board of governors for Chelsea and Westminster hospital and helps run a group called “Maternity Voices” intent on improving a mother’s experience in hospital. She is also director of a business training and coaching company helping to improve executive skills in leadership.

With a background in criminal law LJ felt her skills would be more helpful to the needy and started her career with Age Concern, she then became a healthcare consultant working in communications, crisis management and improving efficiencies in the NHS. Throughout she has had a love of writing and this has involved editing, production of in-house articles and articles for British broadsheets in the healthcare arena. She also was the writer and director of her own local radio show in Pimlico London.

LJ is also a keen traveller and has lived and worked in Florence, Rome and Bologna and travelled extensively through India and the Far East. She has also had the pleasure of being associate producer on an award winning short film at Cannes.

When LJ is not governing, directing or writing she loves to work on creative art and baking with her 4 year old daughter and 11 month old son.

– Laura-Jane Wareing (November 2017, Paris)

Watch this space for more information about our book, “His Advice for Her; Her Advice from Him”, written by Lindsay A Gordon and Laura-Jane Wareing. Coming soon!

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Outback in Paris – Girl under the tree

Outback in Paris – excerpt: “The girl under the tree”
– by Lindsay A Gordon.

One night, I was hanging out in a quiet square, with the Fall of Paris promising Winter, being the voice of reason to an alcoholic poet a week past any sobriety. He sleeps in this square, sharing it with a stranger who sleeps near the other bench, but she had left us to talk alone. Together. The poet and me. But alone. I was his internal self made external. The part that wanted health and happiness. The part that knows how to get well. A slice of his conscience.

The square . . .

A mild lady timidly approached and asked meekly, “do you know if the girl is still sleeping here?”

“Yes, she still sleeps here under these stars”, we said.

“Then I will just leave this here”, depositing a neat paper bag near a well-worn mattress leaning against a park bench to dry.

“Who shall I say was calling?”

“Oh, she doesn’t know me. It’s just some rice and things for the girl under the tree.”

She shrunk humbly away, under a light shower of our compliments, and evaporated into a black and ever-colder Paris night.

Sleep well, fellow citizens and denizens, in your comfortable beds. Bon appétit to the girl under the tree. Dream on my mild, meek, timid lady and so keep our nightmares at bay.

– LAG (November 2017, Paris)